Donor Spotlight: Sperm Donors of African Ancestry

November 17, 2020

Learn more about Fairfax Cryobank’s Sperm Donors of African Ancestry 

Donor 4969 baby photo

With over 450 sperm donors to choose from the Fairfax Cryobank catalog, it can be a daunting and overwhelming decision to choose the right sperm donor for you and your family. To help our clients narrow the search, we have put together a spotlight on African sperm donors. With donors ranging from Nigerian sperm donors to African American sperm donors, Fairfax Cryobank is here to help you find the perfect donor match! Together we make a family.

Donor 5319 baby photo

ID Graduate Donor 5319

Donor 5319 is a determined, self-confident man and is an African (Congolese)-French sperm donor. Shy at first, he is insightful with a warm heart and a caring spirit. He loves spending time around children and seeing the potential of the world’s future first-hand. He strives for the best, resulting in his athletic triumphs in basketball as well as his professional achievements in business management. Our staff considers him attractive, with a handsome face and a tall, athletic build. His beautiful espresso eyes reflect his mood. He has great bone structure, with prominent cheekbones, full lips, and an ever-present engaging smile.

Donor 5474 baby photo

Non-ID Graduate Donor 5474

Donor 5474 is a very sweet and kind man. He greets you with a smile and has a very positive outlook on life. Donor 5474 is an African sperm donor. Ambitious and hardworking, he is always looking for ways to better himself. Putting the community interest over his own is a core value for him. He cares deeply about his family and friends and is the loving father of a young son. Every day starts with a prayer. He lives a healthy lifestyle and enjoys cooking, even his favorite ethnic dishes that take a lot of time. He is an avid soccer fan and is active himself, pursuing boxing and soccer in his free time. His dark, kind eyes draw you in. He has full lips and a bright smile. We think he is a good looking man. He looks like British actor David Oyelowo.

Donor 5794 baby photo

Non-ID Donor 5794

Donor 5794 is a caring, optimistic man who considers himself a kid in a big body. He is bright and articulate, and really enjoys helping others. He has been a tutor and peer mentor and wants to continue to work with kids in less fortunate circumstances. His creative side shines as a videographer and photographer. He is a talented athlete who has played college basketball. Although soft-spoken at first, he warms up easily. His family matters to him immensely. He believes that life is too short for you not to live out your dreams and strive for your goals. He is a very handsome man who is tall and fit. He has velvety brown skin and a head full of black ringlets. His smile is mesmerizing which brings out the gold in his big brown eyes. Donor 5794 is an African American/Jamaican sperm donor. He looks like a soccer player Blaise Matuidi.

Donor 4969 baby photo

ID Donor 4969

Donor 4969 is outgoing and polite. He is thoughtful and kind of reserved but really opens up with the conversation. With a confident demeanor, he is very interested in success and works hard toward achieving his goals. He is always dressed to the nines, with matching shoes and belt, and usually clean-shaven. He is an African Amer.-Native Amer/African American sperm donor. Donor 4969 has a medium muscular build which he has maintained by participating in multiple sports throughout the years and excelling at them all. He is very masculine and handsome, the kind of guy you wouldn’t walk past without noticing.

donor 5289 baby photo

ID Donor 5289

Donor 5289 has a passion for helping others. Raised by a single mother, he admires and seeks to replicate her hard work ethic. He is friendly and easy to talk to and has a great big smile. In his free time, he enjoys watching a movie or reading comics or a good book. Our staff finds him tall, dark, and handsome. He has a medium frame with broad shoulders. He is clean-shaven and has a tight buzz cut. He has dark brown eyes and round cheeks puffing towards his eyes because of his big smile. Donor 5289 is a Nigerian sperm donor. We think he looks like David Oyelowo.

donor 5174 baby photo

ID Donor 5174

Donor 5174 is laid-back and outgoing. He is lighthearted, friendly, and frequently jokes with the staff. His fun-loving attitude is a welcome breath of fresh air. It is clear he is a thoughtful person; his actions are indicative of his putting others first. He is an extremely motivated athlete and hopes to transfer his dedication and energy into becoming a neurologist. He is handsome, with a striking smile. Donor 5174 is a Kenyan sperm donor. He is extremely fit and muscular- evidence of his elite track status. He has dark, deep-set, kind eyes.

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