Fairfax Family Highlights: The Morrison Family

February 25, 2022

Read more about a Fairfax Cryobank’s client story purchasing donor sperm after their experience with male infertility.

“My wife and I were married for only a few months when we decided to try for a baby. There were a lot of ups and downs in that effort, but after a year or so with nothing happening, we visited a few doctors and discovered that while my wife was good to go (she had a child from a previous relationship, so that seemed likely), that I wasn’t able to do my part in the process.

We went back and forth on what that meant for our family, until early 2021 where we finally decided to truly pursue a donor. We bought two sets of vials and worked out the timing with her doctor, knowing we didn’t have that many shots at it. The insemination itself went well and then there was nothing to do but wait. On the afternoon of Easter Sunday I got home from playing in the band at church to a gift bag. Inside was a onesie and the positive test.

The pregnancy itself was uneventful, but our little guy decided to stay in utero past his due date, before arriving very quickly 6 days later before my rock star wife delivered him the old fashion way. Simon Robert was born on December 3 and we are so happy he’s here! God is good and it is hard to imagine our life without our little guy.” – The Morrison Family

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