Fairfax Family Supporting LGBTQ+ Families

June 19, 2024

Our Fairfax Family is committed to helping the LGBTQ+ community build their dream families with our variety of offerings and 40+ years of combined experience. The Fairfax Family is a collaborative family of companies comprised of Fairfax Cryobank, Fairfax EggBank, Fairfax Surrogacy, and GIVF Fertility.  

We pride ourselves on collaboration and custom solutions for family-building, supporting the unique needs of our diverse patient population in achieving their dreams of parenthood. Together we build a family! 

LGBTQ+ Family Building Services 

Collectively, we offer a unique combination of fertility expertise and reproductive genetic services to support LGBTQ+ family-building efforts: 

GIVF Fertility Services 

Fairfax EggBank Services 

Fairfax Cryobank Services 

Fairfax Surrogacy Services 

  • Full-Service Surrogacy Agency 
  • Gestational Carrier Cycles 
  • Prenatal Testing during pregnancy 
  • Genetic counseling 

Who is the Fairfax Family? 


Fairfax Cryobank is the trusted choice for donor sperm. For 40 years, Fairfax Cryobank has provided high-quality donor sperm that has led to the creation of many healthy families. The rigorous screening process to become a donor includes the most extensive genetic and infectious disease testing of all sperm banks (only 1 in 200 applicants make it through). We have a long-standing reputation of excellence with thousands of happy clients in over 50 countries around the world.  


Fairfax EggBank is the leader in frozen donor eggs. They offer the largest distribution network for frozen donor eggs and partner with 450+ clinics in the United States and internationally. Fairfax EggBank works closely with LGBTQ+ families throughout the donor egg process, partnering with top fertility clinics across the United States, Canada, Mexico, and Brazil. The Fairfax EggBank Donor Database showcases one of the largest repositories for premium frozen donor eggs in the United States. Their commitment to high quality, stringent donor screening and customer excellence ensures parents can trust that their donor eggs will yield the best outcomes. 


Fairfax Surrogacy is a full-service surrogacy agency led by an experienced and compassionate team. Their dedicated team is committed to helping intended parents around the globe match with a meticulously screened and thoroughly vetted gestational carrier to help bring their baby into the world. 

Whether you are an intended parent building your family through surrogacy or a woman eager to make a difference as a gestational surrogate, Fairfax Surrogacy is here to guide, support, and celebrate with you from the initial consultation to the joyous moment of welcoming a new life into the world. 


Genetics & IVF Institute (hereinafter referred to as GIVF Fertility) has been a leading fertility center and a pioneer in reproductive medicine since 1984. They are a full-service, boutique-style reproductive clinic that employs a personalized and comprehensive approach to fertility evaluation and treatment services, along with reproductive genetic counseling and diagnostic services. Led by two dedicated fertility specialists, the clinic takes pride in their focus on the patient’s experience, delivering personalized and compassionate care, ensuring individualized attention and support for the highest quality fertility journey.  

GIVF Fertility also stands out in the DMV area as the sole Reproductive Clinic offering onsite Preimplantation Genetic Testing (PGT). This unique feature not only provides patients with peace of mind, eliminating the need to send biopsies off-site, but also enhances efficiency through seamless coordination among the embryology lab, genetics testing lab, and clinical care team—all under one roof! Their genetic services also include Genetic Disease Carrier Screening of their parents-to-be or sperm/egg sources, and Prenatal Testing, including Level 2 fetal anatomy scan during pregnancy. 

The Fairfax Family is proud to offer this comprehensive suite of fertility services and reproductive health solutions to suit your unique family-building needs. Together we build a family.  

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