Grandparent’s Day – Celebrate by building relationships

September 09, 2019

Grandparent’s Day is a day to honor and celebrate role models of an older generation. Building relationships between generations can be more difficulty, but also extremely rewarding.

Here are some fun ways to connect with grandparents:

Create a family tree. Discussing family history is a great way to connect over loved ones from the past.

Plant a garden. Seeing nature develop is a great bonding experience. Younger children can often help where the elderly have physical difficulties, making them a great team.

Write a story together. One fun idea is to have children write a story about what they think life was like when their grandparent was their age. The grandparent can write a book about the future child as an elder adult.

Write letters or postcards. We often forget how much a card or letter in the mail means to someone. A quick note or sharing about an interesting experience is a great reminder that you are thinking of that person.

Bake or cook a meal together. Good family recipes are important to keep in the family, and practice makes perfect. Plus enjoying a meal or treat with family is always heart-warming.

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