Give Back to the Earth with these Earth Day Activities!

April 22, 2020

Simple activities for you and your family to do for Earth Day!

two hands holding a new sprouting tree

Our Earth gives us so much, and it’s that time to give back to it! Something as simple as planting a tree or recycling is one step to a happier mother earth. Below are some family-friendly activities you and your family can do this Earth Day.

Recycling Sorting Game

Make recycling fun with this sorting game:

Earth Day Salt Dough Necklaces

These necklaces will last for years and will always be a reminder to love our earth!

Clean Up Litter

Do something as simple as picking up litter around your neighborhood. A great activity for the whole family to participate in! Something as simple as picking up litter in your neighbor can contribute to clean up our earth.

Home-made Bird Feeders

Support nature while also getting to look at some birds! These easy to make homemade bird feeders is a fun activity for the whole family.

Earth Day Playdough

Keep your kids busy for hours with this home-made dough. Kids can expand their creativity by creating the earth while also having some with their playdough. Find the instructions to make it here:

Read Books on How to Help the Earth

Cuddle up and read a good book with your family. Read up on how to help the earth through the writing of Dr. Seuss, find it here:

These are just a couple of ideas on how to celebrate our earth this year, but there are so many other activities you and your family can do. Go on a bike ride or use reusable grocery bags, small steps like this are cheap and easy to implement in your everyday lives!

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