How to Host a Memorable Baby Shower on a Tight Budget

March 25, 2020

These tips and tricks will help you host an amazing baby shower on a budget!

3 women on a coach at a baby shower

You’ve been “blessed ” with the responsibility of throwing your pregnant friend’s baby shower, and you already see the dollar signs flashing before your eyes. Don’t fret because we have a couple of ways to throw a memorable baby shower without breaking the bank. From invitations to baby shower favors, the costs seem endless. Below we take you step by step to make your life a little easier.

The Venue

  • Use a family members home.
  • If you’re sure it will be a nice day, go to a park or some sort of free pavilion that is nearby.
  • A Club House if you live in an apartment building or condo. You can normally reserve these for free or for a small fee.
  • Check out local community centers, a lot of local centers rent spaces out for a cheaper price.

The Guest List

  • Keep the guest list small and more intimate.
  • Check with the mommy to be to keep the guest list smaller to only close friends.
  • Invite just the ladies. Skip inviting significant others and kids to keep the cost down for food and favors.



  • Always shop around your house before buying new items. You’re more than likely to find old decorations from past celebrations. Old vases, centerpieces, and table runners are more than likely stashed somewhere!
  • Keep the theme around 1 or 2 colors rather than any other kind of theme. It’ll keep costs down and give you more room to be creative.
  • Use baby shower favors as centerpieces.  Baby bottles filled with candy or a picture frame for each guest to decorate.
  • Mason Jars. These are cheap and can be painted to fit your theme and then filled with fake flowers or flower fillers like Baby’s Breath that are extremely cheap.
  • Create one focal point. Use the backdrop of the present table or the food table to create a creative backdrop for pictures and to show off your creative talents. Use streamers and plastic tablecloths to layer and create depth


  • Morning baby showers are a great way to cut costs. Provide a yogurt/parfait bar with fruit and other fresh ingredients
  • The presentation is everything. You can stick to cheaper foods like chips, small desserts, and sandwiches by presenting them on a plastic display or something of your own creation.
  • A cake can be bulky and normally is never eaten fully. Give out cake pops that fit your color theme. These are also great party favors!
  • If someone offers to bring food, always let them! This can cut costs and ease some of your stress.
  • Shop in BULK. Making a trip to big warehouse stores like BJ’s, Sam’s Club and Costco will more than likely cut costs.


Party Favors

  • Cute takeaway popcorn bags with a “ready to pop” tag. These can be decorated to fit the color theme of the shower.
  • Wrapped decorated sugar cookies with the dates of the baby shower or the due date of the baby.
  • Nail Polishes to go. The polish can be the color matching the baby’s gender.

Remember this day is about the mommy to be, not about the money you spent. Your love and support are priceless!

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