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How to Support Your Partner When They’re Pregnant

May 19, 2020

Pregnancy can be such an exciting time for new parents. It is also the time that your partner will need extra support while they are creating your new bundle of joy. Pregnancy can be intimidating for a new parent, they are feeling things they have never felt before, and their body is changing in ways they never imagined. Below are some tips on how to give them extra support throughout their pregnancy so they do not feel like they are in this alone.

  • Go to doctors’ appointments with them without them asking for you to go.
  • Change your lifestyle to mirror theirs. Try giving up caffeine and alcohol, so they do not feel like they are the only ones giving up what they love.
  • Take on more responsibility around the house, like cooking and cleaning.
  • Offer help and advice when it comes to making big decisions like prenatal tests, such as those for birth defects.
  • Encourage and reassure them often, not just when they are down.
  • Get excited when you go to birthing classes, so your partner does not view it as a chore.
  • Create an open discussion about what each of you needs during the pregnancy. Whether it’s scheduled alone time, or what either of you finds important in your labor plan.
  • Talk to your partner about what they want and need when it comes to being intimate with each other. They might want to be intimate more often, or not be intimate at all. Either way, try to be as supportive as possible.

Although your partner is the who is pregnant, this time is also about you. You are also going to be a new parent, so don’t forget to take time for yourself to prepare yourself for the future.

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