These Fertility Apps Could be Your New Best Friend

February 21, 2020

A list of fertility apps that could help you on your journey to pregnancy!

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The journey to pregnancy isn’t always an easy one. You can be on your 3rd round of IVF or could be just starting your journey to find the perfect sperm donor. The following fertility apps could help you organize, track, and ease some of the stress of getting pregnant.

Flo Period & Ovulation Tracker

  • Ranking: 4.8/5
  • # of Reviews: 506k
  • #2 in Health & Fitness
  • Acknowledgments: App of the Day in the App Store in over 30 countries
  • What you get: Period & ovulation & fertility calendar, pregnancy calculator (pregnancy calendar) & tracker (countdown to the birth of you baby!), Graphs to keep track of your cycle, ovulation, fertility, and symptoms history, medical and scientific knowledge
  • Import your data from Fitbit and Health App and get daily insights on your data.
  • Price: Free with premium account upgrades
  • Premium Account – Includes more personalized insights based on your symptoms and cycle phase, detects physical and emotional patterns, provides a health report for your doctor.
  • Premium Pricing: 1 month – $9.99, 3 months – $19.99, 6 months – $39.99, 1 year – $49.90
screenshot of flo period and ovulation tracker review

Clue Period & Cycle Tracker

  • Ranking: 4.8/5
  • # of Reviews: 186K
  • #13 in Health & Fitness
  • Acknowledgments: Named App of the Day in 2019
  • What you get: Period and Cycle Tracking with 30+ tracking categories and easily set up calendar reminders for your period, PMS, ovulation, and more. Integrates with HealthKit, health app, touch ID, and today extension. Fertility & Ovulation Tracking – Log Body Basal Temperature (BBT) to estimate ovulation, set reminders for upcoming fertile days and ovulation predictions.
  • Basic Price: Free
  • Premium Pricing – 1 months – $9.99 6 months- $49.99 12 months – $69.99
  • What you get with premium – an in-depth monthly mail report of your personal cycle stats. Exclusive health content delivered in-ap. Discounts and giveaways
screenshot of Clue period & cycle tracker review

Ovia Fertility & Cycle Tracker

  • Ranking: 4.8/5
  • # of Reviews:16k
  • #17 on Medical App List
  • Created by WOMEN
  • What you get: Support for all cycles – Their algorithm makes accurate period and fertile window predictions for both regular and irregular cycles.  Health summaries and statistics – Receive summary cycle data including your average cycle length, period length, top symptoms, day of intercourse, and more. Check your Fertility Chart to view trends and learn about your own fertility. Comprehensive health tracking – Period and cycle, moods and physical symptoms, intercourse, nutrition and weight, activity and weight, sleep, ovulation, and pregnancy tests, cervical fluid, medications, blood pressure, BBT (basal body temp).Sharing and calendar syncing – Export your data as an Excel sheet and share it with your partner when you’re in your fertile window. You can also protect your account with a PIN #
  • Pricing: Free
  • Integrations – share your tracked cycle data with the Health App and Fitbit.
screenshot of Ovia fertility and cycle tracker review

Period Tracker by GP Apps

  • Ranking: 4.8/5
  • # of Reviews:33k
  • #34 App in Health & Fitness
  • What you get: Simple period tracker for current and future periods, ovulation dates, moods, and symptoms. Discreet iPhone icon that read “PTracker”
  • Extra features – Daily notes of menstrual symptoms – spotting, flow, cramps, headaches, bloating, tender breasts. Track your weight, temp, and mood. Shows your “fertile window.” Pregnancy Mode – Activates countdown to baby’s due date, week by week informational articles. Easily export your period dates and notes to email for a doctor’s visit.
  • Price: Free
  • Subscription Price: $9.99 monthly
screenshot of period tracker by GP Apps review

Kindara: Fertility Tracker

  • Ranking: 4.6/5
  • # of Ratings: 4.5k
  • #144 Medical App
  • What you get: Pinpointed ovulation accuracy, the only app that has Wink, a wireless Basal Body Temp Thermometer, to make charting easy and hassle-free. Ability to sync fertility data with Apple’s Health app. Daily records of cervical fluids. Custom data fields so you can track what’s important to you! Charts track – Intercourse/insemination, ovulation, cervical changes, PMS symptoms, spotting, pregnancy tests, cervix height/firmness and more. Community Channel – You can connect with women who share the same fertility goals. Technology-based on the proven science of Fertility Awareness Method (FAM)
  • Price: Free
  • Premium Pricing – Monthly $4.99 yearly- $49.99
screenshot of Kindara: Fertility Tracker review

Whichever app you choose, you’re taking one step further in your pregnancy journey. Learn how Fairfax Cryobank can also help you take the next step into growing your family.

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