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Keep the Kids Busy This Summer!

May 25, 2020

Your Kids Won’t Be Bored This Summer With These Fun Activities!

During these uncertain times in a pandemic, it seems like there is no normal anymore. Dreams of a fun summer are dwindling. No fear, we have a couple of activities that could help keep the kids this summer and give them a sense of normal again! These activities will also give you a bit of a break from being the main source of entertainment for your kids.

Printable Scavenger Hunts

From a wildlife scavenger hunt to a scavenger hunt that keeps your child’s mind learning. These 30 printable scavenger hunts are sure to keep your kids busy for a while! Find the printouts here

Cool off with some FROZEN paint

Find some old ice cube trays and fill each hole with some paint, it is as easy as that! Hand them to the kids with some paper and set them outside, they will be good to go to make their masterpiece. Clickhere for further instructions.

Water Balloon Games

It’s uncertain if all pool will be opening this summer, check out these water balloon games your kids will LOVE. They will get soaked by the amount of fun they will have and forget all about pool closings. Start your water balloon game here.

Sponge Darts

Draw some targets on the sidewalk and even add prizes to incentive your kids to get a bullseye! Sponge darts are a cheap and fun way to keep the kids engaged for hours. Learn more here.

Summer Reading Bookworms

Encourage your kids to read this summer while also creating their own book worm! A prize for completing each part of their bookworm is sure to get them to hit the books. Read more here.

DIY Solar Oven

Get the smores roasting with these DIY solar ovens. They’re easy to make and your kids will love watching the smores melt in the sun before diving in. Dive in here

Make your own Obstacle Course

You can make an obstacle course out of almost anything. Hereare some tips on how to get started!

No matter the circumstance, this summer can be fun, for you and your kids! For more tips and content like this don’t forget to follow us on all our social media platforms – Pinterest, Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter!

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