Maiden & Princess – A Book Review

May 14, 2020

Fairfax Cryobank Reviews “Maiden & Princess”, a Great Children’s Book!

Maiden & Princess Children's Book Cover

Readers are taken on a magical journey in Maiden & Princess, written by Daniel Haack & Isabel Galupa Their words are brought to life with the artwork by Becca Human. This enchanting love story of a maiden and a princess introduces a lesbian fairytale. The Maiden has been invited to a ball to meet the Prince but soon figures out the Prince is not her happy ending but is actually the Princess.

Haack and Galupa do a great job of showcasing the conflicted feelings of their main character, the maiden. Navigating through the thought of marrying a prince that she knew wasn’t her true love to suddenly being introduced to her princess, the maiden’s journey will surely grab the attention of any of its readers.

Through the art by Becca Human, readers are taken on an adventure and can be delighted by the artwork of the maiden and princess falling in love. The artwork is brought to life by Haack and Galupa with words like “Soon the maiden and the princess were seldom seen apart. They filled their days together with books, laughter, and art.”

This book is recommended for ages 4-8 and it hits the nail right on the head. This is the perfect book for your child showing them no matter who they decide to love them too, can have their fairytale ending.

Maiden & Princess can be found on Amazon and from other booksellers. A portion of the proceeds from the sales of this book is donated to accelerated LGBTQ acceptance.

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