New Donors of March

April 01, 2020

7 new sperm donors were added to our donor catalog this March!

Pregnant woman holding her belly with a flower

The flowers are blooming outside and so our the number of new donors we have at Fairfax Cryobank! Check out our new adorable donors below!

Donor 6201 baby photo

Non-ID Donor 6201

Donor 6201 seeks adventure and loves to travel. He is driven, athletic and considers himself very reliable. He has a warm, sunny personality that matches his charismatic smile. He grew up on a ranch where riding horses was a part of his daily life, and his exciting childhood instilled in him a constant thirst for adventure. He lives life to the fullest. He loves to scuba dive, snowboard and practice archery. Happiest when he is outdoors, he plans to travel to every continent someday. This donor also appreciates life’s simpler pleasures; he loves to cook and read to unwind at the end of a busy workday. He is tall and lean, with sun-kissed skin that gives him a handsome, athletic appearance. His beautiful hazel eyes are framed by long lashes and light brown brows. This donor is upbeat and outgoing and frequently wears a charming smile.

Donor 6127 baby photo

Non-ID Graduate Donor 6127

Donor 6127 is a very laid back and caring guy. Being a person who has loving-kindness and practices social justice is important to him. He takes great pride in his musical ability and was able to take that and apply it to his work helping others. Very mindful of his surroundings, he likes to think of the big picture and take time to appreciate everything life has given him before starting the day. He has a great outlook on life and respect for others and their emotions. He is tall with a slender build. He has skateboarded to stay active since he was a child. He is very charming and charismatic with a great smile and kind eyes. He is always well dressed and takes care of himself and his appearance. He is very comfortable to be around, very easy going and conversational.

Donor 6123 baby photo

Non-ID Donor 6123

Donor 6123 does not let past hardships deter his positive outlook on life. He is always friendly and smiling and can hold a genuine conversation with just about anyone. His upbeat personality certainly helped get him accepted into an advertising internship. Even though he is a hard worker, he still has a very easygoing attitude that makes him a pleasure to be around. He is an attractive and charming young man. Throughout his childhood, he played various sports and continues to stay active by going to the gym. Along with his athletic build, he is always clean cut and has an infectious smile that can brighten anyone’s day.

Donor 5556 baby photo

ID Donor 5556

Donor 5556 is a creative man who loves the theatre, living his dream by working in that field. He is well-mannered and amicable, always greeting everyone with a bright smile and asking about their day. Family is extremely important to him and he loves being the favorite uncle. He is empathetic and is committed to volunteering in his community. He stays very active and fit by running, rock climbing and being outdoors. He also loves to cook and knows his way around the kitchen. He has a friendly face topped with luscious medium-length curly brown hair. His kind, hazel eyes always have a twinkle in them, and his wide mouth is always turned up in a genuine smile. His handsome face is completed by a tall nose and a cleft in his chin. He has a slim, healthy and athletic physique, and is always well-dressed.

Donor 5793 baby photo

ID Donor 5793

Donor 5793 is a caring, thoughtful man who likes helping others. He is genuine and likes to be his true self and stand up for what’s right. Very energetic and hardworking, he has had academic success and has been rewarded for being a good writer. When he talks about his job, you can hear how intellectual and studious he is with every word. He enjoys being with friends, hiking, skiing, and cooking. Traveling is a passion. He is always dressed to the nines and walks with a purpose. The first thing you notice when meeting him is his electrifying green eyes. When he smiles, it’s as if the emerald in his eyes intensifies. Every day we learn something new about him, whether it’s learning another language or earning a new certification. He always strives to improve himself in as many ways as possible. His upbeat energy and likeability make him a very charming man. He looks like racecar driver Kimi Raikkonen.

Donor 6049 baby photo

Non-ID Donor 6049

Donor 6049 is very humble and kind-hearted. From small-town roots, he values a strong sense of community. He is very close to his family and admires their values, traditions, and strong work ethic. He believes it is important to be respectful and put others first. Spending time outdoors, he enjoys hiking, kayaking, hunting and fishing, He seeks out new experiences and says he can adjust to new things easily. This donor strives for a career in law enforcement which fits his personality well. He is very tall and has a lean and athletic build. He works out regularly and it is noticeable. His great head of brown hair is complimented nicely by his bright blue eyes. He also has a great smile to go along with his wonderful personality.

Donor 6046 baby photo

Non-ID Graduate Donor 6046

Donor 6046 is a very intelligent and confident person. Very driven to succeed, he likes to do things independently. He is a creative and inquisitive thinker. Currently, in pursuit of his doctorate in engineering, he attributes his academic success to his parents’ high expectations and his desire to always do his best. He already has many academic awards. He has a laid-back style and enjoys relaxing outdoors camping with friends or going out dancing. His full dark curly hair compliments his pretty brown expressive eyes. He has a long and lanky build but is in good shape. He looks like actor Jason Biggs.

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