New Donors of September

October 01, 2020

7 new donors were added to our donor catalog this September!

Happy young mother playing and having fun with her little son on bed at home

Spooky season has officially begun, but there’s nothing scary about the new donors added to the Fairfax Cryobank donor catalog! Read on to learn more about the 7 new donors of September.

donor 6315 baby photo

Non-ID Donor 6315

Donor 6315 is a kind warmhearted man who has a strong bond with his family. He takes pride in his best moments. He has a good vibe around him and a mild-mannered demeanor. His positive outlook on life motivates those around him. He is easy to talk to and extraordinarily supportive of his friends and family. He loves to learn new things and is working toward being a physical therapist in the future. Our staff considers him a nice-looking man. His oval-shaped eyes are illuminated by his long eyelashes and amber-colored eyes. He has a set of eyebrows that perfectly shaped and full. All of which is accentuated by his thin cheeks, low cut beard, and stylish haircut. His outfits are always sharp.

donor 6207 baby photo

Non-ID Donor 6307

Donor 6307 is a kind-hearted man who aspires to become a teacher. He describes himself as upbeat and happy; he is enthusiastic and always sees the brighter side of things. He likes getting to know new people and making situations more comfortable for others. Being outdoors gardening is something he loves to do. He also likes to spend his time reading various novels. He appears very romantic and loves doing things for his significant other. He enjoys making others laugh and feel better whenever he can. He has a muscular, athletic well-toned physique. His charming, bright smile and cute button nose compliment his other facial features. His kind eyes set him apart from our other donors and make you feel as if you can tell him anything. Our staff consider him very handsome and are always happy to see him when he comes in.

Donor 6236 baby photo

Non-ID Donor 6236

Donor 6236 is an exceptionally gifted young man with a deep passion for his field of study and a laser-focused approach to seeing his dreams to fruition. He is studying biomedical research and aims to be one of the world’s leaders in cutting-edge medical advancements. He believes that art and science go hand in hand, as he considers scientific research to be an art form itself, as researchers must use ingenuity and imagination to solve problems. His friends and family are very near to his heart and he values good conversation with loved ones above all else. He has a fit, lean body that he maintains by swimming and practicing taekwondo. He holds himself with a sense of pride and confidence and always wears a friendly grin. He has beautiful blue eyes and exceptionally long, full eyelashes.

donor 6075 baby photo

ID Donor 6075

Donor 6075 is a compassionate man who is a dedicated father and husband. He is ambitious and a natural leader, not afraid of hard work. His adventurous spirit leads him to pursue some challenging things, like 500-mile cycling rides and extensive travel throughout the US. In his free time, he can be found outdoors fishing and camping. Quality time with his family is his highest priority. He is organized and a self-proclaimed list maker. Honest, forthright, and kind-hearted, he has a very genuine attitude. He has a charming smile that fits this attitude perfectly. He has a very muscular and fit build. He loves to stay active and workout. An attractive man, one of his best features are his vibrant blue eyes.

Donor 6318 baby photo

Non-ID Donor 6318

Donor 6318 is one of the most loving and family-oriented people we have met. He cherishes bonding time with loved ones. His positive attitude is evident every time we see him. He believes in personal development through self-reflection and insight. While he is all about personal growth and meeting goals, he is also an adventurous man who loves to travel and dine out with friends. He is sociable and gets along well with others. Our staff considers him the epitome of attractiveness. His eyebrows, eyelashes, and thick mane are to die for. He is tall and fit. He dresses in casual clothing because he always loves to feel relaxed.

Donor 6146 baby photo

ID Graduate Donor 6146

Donor 6146 is a caring, thoughtful person pursuing a career in medicine. He cares deeply for people and wants to create a loving, supportive foundation for those around him. He wants to be the kind of physician who is emotionally present and compassionate. His military high school experience taught him about respectful leadership and self-discipline. He is engaged with community efforts to help those who are underserved. His voice has a deep and pleasing tone. He is attractive with a fit build. He enjoys taking walks to get a break from his rigorous medical school curriculum, allowing him to listen to music and appreciate nature. His dark eyes are warm and inviting, while his kind smile encourages those around him to feel comfortable in his presence.

donor 6166 baby photo

ID Graduate Donor 6166

Donor 6166 is a warm, understanding person who appreciates music and comedy. He loves going to concerts and recently took an improv comedy class which allowed him to step out of his comfort zone. While he enjoys cooking, he also admits to his lack of experience in this skill and is still trying to improve his cooking abilities. Believing first impressions are important, he always strives to show new people his kind nature. He values his humbleness and the qualities that make him a unique individual. Donor 6166 is easygoing, considerate, and always a pleasant person to talk to. He has a tall, muscular build. He keeps his hair quite short and has started to grow out his beard. He likes to stay active by playing softball. His warm smile and kind face welcome others to join his conversations.

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