August 11th is National Son and Daughter Day

August 11, 2019

We all know to celebrate Mother’s Day in May and Father’s Day in June. You may have even celebrated Grandparent’s Day in September.

But did you know that August 11, 2019 is National Son and Daughter Day?

The purpose of this holiday is for parents to celebrate all their children and to show them love and appreciation.

Fun activities to do with your children on Aug 11:

  • Make your child’s favorite meal with them
  • Make a family tree (include pets)
  • Share your fondest memories about them growing up. (Funniest thing they did, first words, favorite toys and hobbies that they might not remember)
  • Teach them about non-traditional families
  • Trace your family members hands inside of each other
  • Have a movie day where everyone gets to pick their favorite

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