Do You Hide Your Infertility Struggle?

April 19, 2018

Creating a Family shares “Do You Hide Your Infertility Struggle?

Here is one tip in this article we wanted to highlight. Our Fairfax Cryobank Family Forum is a great resource to connect with others going through similar infertility experiences.

“One survey found that 6 in 10 couples (61 percent) hide their fertility troubles from family and friends. Over 50% of all couples told researchers that it was easier to tell people that they were not planning to have children, rather than admit they were struggling with infertility.”

“One reason people don’t want to share with family and friends about their infertility struggle is that research has found that infertility makes them feel inadequate and who wants to advertise their inadequacy. Yes, they likely know on a logical level that infertility is a disease and is not a reflection of who they are or their value as a person, but on the subconscious level, many feel embarrassed or ashamed.”

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Fairfax Cryobank partners with Creating a Family, the national adoption & infertility education organization. Their mission is to provide support and unbiased information before, during and after adoption or fertility treatment to help create strong families.

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