The Anderson Family – Their Journey with Home Insemination with Donor Sperm

April 22, 2020

Learn more of about the Anderson Families journey with home insemination with donor sperm

family photo of lesbian parents with their child

Jennifer Anderson’s Testimonial

“We’re eager to share our journey with you all! Despite the unexpected halt placed on all Fertility Treatments due to the COVID-19 pandemic; we are choosing to continue trying to conceive, even while we can’t leave. Thanks to @fairfaxcryobank, we can safely continue on our path to pregnancy during #quarantine, through Home Insemination using donor sperm! Best of all, we partnered with them in order to offer you all a chance to start your own Home Insemination journey as well! By using our code: ANDERSONFAM at checkout, you receive FULL Membership Access for 90 days! #FAIRFAXFAMILY #FAIRFAXCRYOBANK #twomoms #lgbtq #loveislove”

Follow Jennifer and her family on Instagram: @jennanderson0530

Child wearing a shirt that says "Want to be a big sister #fairfaxfamily #fairfaxequality"

For more information on home insemination with donor sperm visit Fairfax Cryobank’s resource page here.

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