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February 05, 2017

Creating a Family Shares: What’s the Craziest Place You’ve Ever Done a Fertility Shot?

Infertility treatment requires a lot from us—appointments, timed sex, more than our share of time in stirrups, and shots… lots of shots. Do you put your life on hold so that you are always home when it is time for a shot? For plenty of women, the answer is no—Heck NO. Have shot will travel.

Ahh, the things we will do for a baby!! Sometimes we need to laugh to keep from crying.

Here are some of our favorite crazy places members of the Creating a Family Facebook Support Group have done an infertility shot. Share yours in the comments.

  • In the parking lot of my husband’s company at 10pm when he worked night shift. We did a trigger shot two different cycles. I’m still convinced my butt is on a security tape somewhere.

  • At a wedding reception where I was the maid of honor. To make it worst I forgot my needle and had to ask multiple people if they were diabetics and had a spare needle.

  • At husband’s Christmas Party at work holed up in another room doing the shot when my husband was announced as the grand prize raffle winner.

  • Camping in a yurt by the light of a lantern.

  • My husband is a musician and had to get off stage while playing to give me my trigger shot in the parking lot. I forgot and wore a dress. We looked like junkies.

  • Airport bathroom between flights!

  • “Doctor’s Station” of a college football stadium, only place that felt sanitary enough!

  • Hotel in Las Vegas on a girls weekend with mom and sisters!

  • My mom had to give me a shot in my car in a parking lot while I was on a girls weekend. My sisters, cousins and aunts all watched.

  • I left dinner with friends at an Afghan restaurant, and did it in my car by the light of a streetlamp in downtown. Nearly broke the needle off in my flesh. I was just desperately hoping a cop didn’t happen by.

  • Multiple injections on various flights somewhere over the Atlantic (flight to Germany).

  • Bob Evans parking lot.

  • Husband’s office conference room… Worrying the whole time someone would walk in on us.

Creating a Family is the national adoption & infertility education organization. Their mission is to provide support and unbiased information before, during and after adoption or fertility treatment to help create strong families.

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