Infertility: Balancing Hope with Not Hoping Too Much

April 12, 2018

Creating a Family shares “Infertility: Balancing Hope with Not Hoping Too Much

Here is one tip in this article we wanted to highlight. Our Fairfax Cryobank Family Forum is a great resource to connect with others going through similar infertility experiences.

“It’s also a sad fact about infertility treatment that it doesn’t work for everyone. While there is good reason for hope, this hope should be balanced with an honest assessment of your odds of success. This is good for your mental health, and also for the health of your bank account and marriage. Most infertility doctors I talk with are very willing to have an honest discussion of your odds of success and to reassess these odds with every cycle of treatment. The challenge is often your willingness to hear.”

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Fairfax Cryobank partners with Creating a Family, the national adoption & infertility education organization. Their mission is to provide support and unbiased information before, during and after adoption or fertility treatment to help create strong families.

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