Kid-Friendly Activities for National Grandparents Day

September 13, 2020

Celebrate National Grandparents Day with these fun activities!

2 grandparents holding their gradkids laughing and smiling in a park

Happy National Grandparents Day! Today is a day we celebrate all the amazing grandparents in our lives. Whether you call them Grandma, Grandpa, or Nana, Papa they deserve to be celebrated! Read on to get some ideas on how to give back to your child’s favorite babysitters.

Make a Family Tree

Get the pencil and paper and have your kids work with their grandparents on your families, family tree! The kids will get to learn about their heritage while their grandparents can share stories from their past.

Have a Picnic

Help your child put together some fun picnic foods and take the grandparents out for a laid-back picnic. Both the grandkids and the grandparents will love to take in the fresh air while kicking back with their favorite people.

Create a Small Garden

Grandpa and Grandma will love to create a small garden in their backyard, with their grandchildren. Choose some easy to care for plants and let the gardening begin!

Put Together a Photo Album

Bring the family together through picture memories. Your grandparents and all generations will enjoy looking back on family memories and putting them together in one book.

Board Games

Everyone in the family can enjoy some good family rivalry with some good board game fun.

How ever your family decides to celebrate National Grandparents Day, enjoy the amazing family memories you have.

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