National Best Friend Day – Fun virtual playdate ideas for your child and their best friend!

June 08, 2020

Easy and Fun Virtual Playdate Ideas for your Child and Their Best Friend!

2 kids having a playdate

Playdates for the kids can be a GODSENT when you need to get some chores done around the house or are in desperate need of a break from being the main source of entertainment. There is no doubt that your child is missing their best friend while in quarantine and we know you have not heard the end of it. Look no further, we have some ideas for a fun virtual playdate that will keep your child occupied for hours! Use the time to get some chores done around the house or even finally watch the show you have been waiting to binge-watch. While you are taking some me time, your child will enjoy their virtual playdate and the opportunity to celebrate their BFF on this National Best Friend Day!


If both children have the same classic games like Guess Who, HedBanz, and Battleship they can compete and play just like they would if they were together!

Read to Each Other

Each child can choose their favorite book or books to read to their best friend. This is also great way to help your child feel more comfortable reading out loud!

Fashion Show

Have your child and their best friend come prepared with a couple outfits to show off their favorite looks from their closet. Put on some music and let the fashion show begin!

Craft Together

Have each child’s parents print out some fun printable crafts that each child can do. Both kids will love putting together their creation and showing their BFF their masterpiece!

Talent Show

Each child can show off their special skills with a talent of their choice! Whether it’s a magic trick or singing their favorite song, the options are endless.

Draw Each Other

Pull out a piece of paper and some color pencils, and have each child draw each other and see what crazy creations come to life!

I Spy

A game that can go on for hours! Each child can bring their screen to any part of the house and have their best friend pick out the object they think their bestie is thinking of.

We hope you and your child enjoy a couple of these ideas that are setup to have a fun and safe playdate!

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