New Donors of July

August 01, 2020

7 new sperm donors were added to our donor catalog this July

Beautiful young woman holding her baby son in the arms enjoying their time at seaside.

July is about having fun with your family and friends in the sun! At Fairfax Cryobank we’re celebrating the 7 new sperm donors added to our donor catalog! Find out more about them below.

Donor 6065 baby photo

Non-ID Donor 6065

Donor 6065 is very friendly, compassionate, and open. He is outgoing but also likes his privacy and solitude. His family and friends are important to him and his large extended family gets together often. He likes it when those around him are happy and he seeks compromises when necessary. He strives to make a difference through his work and hopes to own his own business one day. He has a tall athletic build. He stays fit swimming and staying active. He has a very sincere smile and positive body language.

Donor 6066 baby photo

ID Donor 6066

Donor 6066 is creative man who loves to paint and play the guitar. Observing and creating artwork are his passions. He is very down to earth, relaxed, and open with others. Honesty and hard work are important to him. He is reserved and thoughtful yet can be spontaneous and funny. He values his friends and family greatly and is very close to them. He has a sturdy physique, with shaggy black hair that pair nicely with his dark brown eyes. He has a dark but warm complexion. His charming smile pairs perfectly with his personality.

Donor 5772 baby photo

ID Graduate Donor 5772

Donor 5772 is a handsome, optimistic, and hardworking man. He is a true family man; the most important thing to him in his life is his daughter. His demeanor is very laid back, enjoying the simple things in life, such as a deep, thought-provoking conversation. He believes you must work hard for everything in life, but also that you should not take life so seriously all the time. Each time he comes in, he greets us with a charismatic smile. His persona leaves you wanting to get to know more about him. He carries his positive outlook of life with him wherever he goes. He is tall, dark, handsome, and very physically fit. He has dark brown, mesmerizing eyes, curly black hair, and dark facial hair that he keeps nicely trimmed as a goatee. He has broad shoulders and a muscular physique that can be attributed to his love of playing soccer and spending time outdoors with nature. This donor’s beautifully bronzed skin, round cheeks, toned physique, and charming smile make him very attractive. He looks like soccer player Blaise Matuidi.

Donor 6308 baby photo

Non-ID Donor 6308

Donor 6308 is a motivated and positive man who puts family first. He admits he prefers to put the group goal ahead of his own. He grew up surrounded by first responders and respects the value of community service. He is very active, keeps very physically fit and has a disciplined life. His leadership skills are apparent. Our staff find him very respectful and charming, always a gentleman who seems to genuinely care. Making others feel comfortable is a top priority. One of his best characteristics is his ability to empathize with people. He is altruistic to his core, and enjoys volunteering to assist veterans, first responders, kids, and animals. He believes in being healthy both physically and mentally; taking time each day to meditate. In the grand scheme of things, he appreciates the simplicity of life. He is confident and knows how handsome he truly is.

Donor 5855 baby photo

ID Graduate Donor 5855

Donor 5855 is a citizen of the world, growing up around the globe on military bases. He has a strong work ethic and is a rational thinker. Pursing a PhD in Chemistry, excelling in his classes is his top priority. Being compassionate and thinking things through before you act are important to him. Favorite activities include scuba diving and playing soccer. He finds cross stitching very calming. He is very friendly and greets us with a big hello when he walks into the office. His earthy green eyes are offset by his dark brown hair. He sports a full beard which he keeps neatly trimmed, accenting his smooth jawline. He is a neat dresser, usually in casual clothes that complement his athletic frame.

Donor 5570 baby photo

ID Donor 5570

Donor 5570 is an intelligent young man with a creative edge. He loves to read and write and shows a deep interest in film. Aside from creative arts, he enjoys cooking, juggling, unicycling and traveling. He is pleasant company and an easy conversationalist. He loves to make people laugh. Good looking and friendly, he is very charming. Our staff considers him very handsome with a head of luscious, dark hair and striking blue eyes. His facial features are delicate, yet masculine. He has a tall, straight nose and deep-set eyes. With an athletic figure and chiseled facial structure, he could be a model. His friends say he looks like Paul Rudd, and we agree.

Donor 5575 baby photo

ID Donor 5575

Donor 5575 is a joyful, calm, mature and empathetic individual. He loves to spend time with family, especially his wife, and values those relationships. He keeps the memories of his childhood close and they have shaped his outlook in life. He enjoys going to the movies above all but also likes to travel, play the guitar and read fiction or fantasy to relax. Innately kind, he is always willing to be helpful and give back to his community and to those in need. He is a handsome person both inside and out. Tall, slim and fit, he is dapper young man. One is instantly drawn to his gentle, kind and piercing blue eyes that sit under thick, clean brown eyebrows. Always smiling, his light-rosy pink lips curve widely to reveal a devilish smile, his cheeks also curve up helping illuminate his face. His head is greatly adorned with thick, clean-cut wavy brown hair always combed and neat, shorter at the sides while letting thick waves fall over his forehead.

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