Pregnancy after Infertility – When Will I Be Less Afraid?

April 07, 2017

Creating a Family shares “Pregnancy after Infertility – When Will I Be Less Afraid?”

Here is one tip in this article we wanted to highlight. Our Fairfax Cryobank Family Forum is a great resource to connect with others going through similar infertility experiences.

Find Other Pregnant Women

One of the little discussed aspects of infertility, is that often when you do succeed in getting pregnant you are out of step with your friend group because they are already past the pregnancy stage. You need to find other pregnant women for comparing notes and endlessly talking about every ache, pain, and movement. Join a exercise class for pregnant women, attend the pregnancy or baby care classes offered by your hospital, stalk other pregnant ladies at Starbucks. And don’t forget the wonderful 27/7/365 power of online pregnancy/baby forums. Nothing like company to relieve anxiety, or at least make you feel less alone.

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Fairfax Cryobank partners with Creating a Family, the national adoption & infertility education organization. Their mission is to provide support and unbiased information before, during and after adoption or fertility treatment to help create strong families.

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