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Pride Activities for the Whole Family

June 18, 2020

LGBT Pride month is not only for the adults it is for the whole family! Although, a lot of pride festivals and parades have been cancelled, here are a couple activities you and the kids can enjoy to celebrate your pride!

Rainbow Tie-dyeing

Add a bit of rainbow to your families wardrobe with these instruction on how tie dye a plain white shirt.

Rainbow Cupcakes

Take a bite into this fun rainbow cupcake recipe. You and your family can add decorations and make it your own!

Fruit Kabobs

Enjoy this simple and super cute rainbow fruit kabobs. A great way to feel refreshed and healthy in the summer.

Pride Word Search

Take a quest through this word search and give yourself the opportunity to teach your kids the importance of Pride. Download and print the word search here.

Rainbow Postcards

Write on some of these fun rainbow postcards and send them to all your friends and family! Get started here.

Whether your tie-dyeing a shirt or making some rainbow cupcakes, celebrate your pride this month! Learn more about how Fairfax Cryobank supports LGBTQX+ families here.

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