The Jaffe Family – Testimonial

April 28, 2020

The Jaffe Family Shares Their Testimonial on Getting Pregnant with Fairfax Cryobank

“As a same-sex couple, there are a lot of steps involved to expand your family.⠀

one of the biggest and possibly most monumental is choosing a sperm donor — they’re going to be contributing half your kid’s DNA 🧬 ⠀

@fairfaxcryobank made the process easy for us. it was actually only 1 of 2 banks our clinic recommended, so we know it was a good one! they do extensive testing on their donors and provide so much info to make you feel confident with the selection (i.e. lots of medical history!).⠀

They offer a ton of search features plus a way to a ton of info on each of the donors. we have pictures of our donor (who we lovingly refer to as Ted since Ted sounds like he’d be a nice guy) as a toddler and as an adult. we even heard his voice!⠀

And to celebrate the birth of our Josie girl, they are offering you FREE unlimited profile access with code JAFFEFAM (a $130 value). now you can see everything the have to offer to help you pick the perfect match for your growing family.⠀

What was most important for you when choosing your donor? (obvi someone healthy!!). for us, it was looking at their mental health as I have depression and J has anxiety. we also wanted someone tall since I’m so short (although ultimately, we didn’t use my eggs).”

Look for the Instagram post here.

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