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Pacific Reproductive Services (PRS) joins Fairfax Cryobank

Fairfax Cryobank proudly announces the acquisition of Pacific Reproductive Services (PRS). As a result we will be expanding our donor selection as well as adding 2 new donor recruitment locations. With 7 locations, we are now the sperm bank with the most sites, and hence greatest geographic diversity. High quality donor selection remains our primary goal, all in an effort to provide the exceptional services our clients deserve.

A message from PRS founder, Sherron Mills

Pacific Reproductive Services was founded in 1984 specifically to serve the special needs of women planning alternative families – whether single or partnered and regardless of sexual orientation. While lesbians were most urgently in need of a progressive sperm bank, PRS recognized that many women who wished to become mothers often faced significant barriers and limited support. I believe that a sperm bank that is fully supportive and understanding of intended parents’ unique needs can make the donor insemination process easier.’

See the full Message from PRS founder, Sherron Mills

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Military appreciation

Thank you for your service. To show our sincere gratitude for your sacrifice, we are offering 10% off of your donor semen purchases.

Just give us a call to place your order; share a copy of your Active Duty Military ID and your 10% discount will be applied to the cost of your Donor semen vials.

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Fairfax Family Forums are open and membership is growing!

  • Visit the general open forums for information and to ask questions.
  • Join a donor specific forum, with a registered pregnancy, and connect with others who have used the same donor.
    “I love the fact that there is a private forum where families can “meet” half-siblings! In fact the registry allowed 5 couples with children ranging in age from 10 months to 17 months (at the time) to meet and share a week of fun & getting to know one another in Virginia Beach last spring. However, there are also couples on the private forum who didn’t want to meet, and that’s OK, too. It’s nice to have a place where we can post about our children and see just what traits come from the donor. They are all so similar in some ways, but uniquely ours, too!” A.F.
  • Find the link here and come visit!

Featured donors: Free Personal Profiles

ID Donor 5387


Donor 5387 is a bright, well-spoken man with many talents. He is a humble musician who sings and plays multiple instruments. Very thoughtful, he likes to explore the world and seek greater meaning in life. He finds the quiet of inner reflection calming. Life for him is like a box of chocolates and, as mentioned in the famous quote, “You never know what you’re gonna get.” And he is determined to savor each piece fully before he empties the box. He has smooth mocha brown skin and coarse, dark ash brown hair that he keeps in neat dreadlocks and tied back. His Hollywood-quality smile is outlined by full mauve colored lips. The depth of his walnut brown eyes reflects the light in the room and magnifies the raw exuberance within him. This donor’s lean limbs and trim torso fit neatly into his usual outfit of modern fit jeans, casual t-shirt, and athletic shoes.

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Download Donor 5387’s Personal Profile here at no cost.

Donor 5173

Donor 5173 is passionate, kind and driven. A father of two small children, his family is #1. He works in the non-profit sector and thrives in an environment where he can help and provide support to those around him. His faith is very important to him. He is sincere and honest. He frequently wears a smile which is indicative of his happy-go-lucky attitude. He says what he means, and means what he says. He has a full head of thick hair. If he wanted to have a beard, he could have a full beard in a week! But he keeps clean-shaven, showing a 5 o’clock shadow by midafternoon. His strong, square jaw has a slightly cleft chin that is similar to a young Jude Law. He has a glowing face and a well-maintained body. His laugh is a little chuckle that can make all those around him smile. He looks like Paul Schneider.

Read more about Donor 5173

Download Donor 5173’s Personal Profile here at no cost.

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Did you know almost 40% of our donors have adult photos available? Almost 100% of our donors have childhood photos. Our next nearest competitor has no adult photos at all and only 50% of their donors have childhood photos. See them immediately with our Donor Unlimited Access Packages. Or you can receive them by email delivery with a simplified consent. Why look anywhere else?

First sperm bank to offer instant online access to updated donor medical information.

Any client can now instantly access information about changes in their donor’s medical status. Check before any fertility procedure, or on a regular basis as your child grows. Read More

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