Happy Together: A Two-Mom Sperm Donation Story – A Review

March 09, 2020

Fairfax Cryobank reviews Happy Together: A Two-Mom Sperm Donation Story by Julie Marie

Happy Together: a two-mom sperm donation story book cover

Julie Marie the Author of Happy Together, a two-mom sperm donation story, brings the process of creating a family with a sperm donor to life in a very special way. Through the illustrations by Ashley Lucas, this children’s book helps explain the process of a lesbian couple having a baby with donor sperm. The charming pictures and articulate wording of this children’s book is a great resource to share with your donor-conceived child. Through the expression of love and family, your child is sure to feel right at home with this book

It can be a tricky task to explain to your donor-conceived child how they were made. Marie helps you with this difficult conversation by carefully explaining that when creating a baby “it takes an egg from a lady and a seed from man.” By also adding that “Mama and Mommy has the egg, but we didn’t have the seed.” This could help create a conversation with your child to better explain why they were created the way that they were.

In addition to her careful explanation of sperm donation, Julie Marie does not forget to remind children their parents care for them and that they were made with love. “Happy together, we are a family, Mama and Mommy’s love for you is beyond measure.”

If you are looking for a way to start the conversation with your donor-conceived child on how they came to be, this is a great place to start. Julie Marie is an infertility advocate and a mother through IVF. She hopes that Happy Together will provide a heartwarming, family bonding story for parents to read with their child.

Interested in more books from Julie Marie? Check out the rest of the Happy Together series including, Happy Together, a sperm donation story and Happy Together, an egg donation story. The whole series also includes delightful illustrations by Ashley Lucas.

Click the link here to find this book and the rest of the Happy Together series.

Find more resources for LGBT families here!

*Although the author did send Fairfax Cryobank this book for free, thoughts and opinions from this review are our own.

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