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Disclosure and Openness: To Tell or Not to Tell
July 12, 2011
Blog written by Director of Operations Fairfax Cryobank Michelle Ottey, PhD It is the choice ...
Lifetime Photo Sets
June 27, 2011
Blog written by Client Services Staff Nicole Lifetime Photos and Adult/Childhood Set for many of ...
Not All ID Donor Programs Were Created Equally
June 06, 2011
Learn more about the ID Sperm Donor Program Blog written by Manager of Client Services ...
Pregnancy reports
June 02, 2011
Blog written by Client Services Staff Nicole It is always exciting to see people report ...
An Option for Lesbian Mothers-to-be
May 19, 2011
Blog written by cryobank staff Anneka Starting a family can be difficult for a variety ...
Chat Live with Fairfax Cryobank’s Client Service Specialists
May 17, 2011
You can now chat live with a Client Service Specialist simply by visiting our website! ...
Open-Identity Sperm Donors
May 12, 2011
Blog written by Laboratory Staff JM Open-Identity sperm donors, sometimes called “Identity Release” or simply ...
Organizations that focus on fertility and family issues
April 25, 2011
Fairfax Cryobank is dedicated to the creation of healthy, happy families. Over the years, we ...
What do I do with my container?
April 20, 2011
Laboratory Distribution Supervisor MI “YOUR BABY”. Those are the words I use in my explanation ...
FaceMatch™ Aids in Donor Selection
March 28, 2011
Blog written by Laboratory Staff JM Fairfax Cryobank has FaceMatch™: Intended to provide a fun, ...
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