Donor Information

Donor Register:

Visit our interactive donor search. This feature lets you search the entire Fairfax Cryobank donor register and then create a list of donors most desirable to you. Each donor has an extensive list of additional information that may be of interest to you in this selection process. Consider one of our Donor Unlimited Access Packages where for one fee you can view all the information instantly. These items can be ordered, some for a fee, either online or by calling Client Services at 800-338-8407. Our donor register is updated on a daily basis so please check back frequently for new information. You can also choose to print a pdf list from Donor Lists

Donor Childhood Photos:

Donor childhood photos are available on 99% of our donors. Photos of the donor are between 6 months and 6 years of age. Please note that the quality of the baby photos varies depending on the original photo that the donor has supplied to us. Some photos are in color while others are in black and white. Click here to view an example childhood photo.

Lifetime Photos:

Lifetime photos include and adult photos and are available on a select group of our donors. There are two types of photo sets. Lifetime photos include a series of photos from infancy to adulthood. An Adult Child photo set includes one childhood photo and one adult photo. Donors who have Lifetime photo and/or Adult Child photo sets available will be indicated as such on the donor search with a camera icon. Some of these donors only have the Adult Child photo set available. For more information about this exciting service click on: Lifetime Photos.

Donor Silhouettes:

A profile photograph of the donor has been shaded to show only the line of their side profile. This is a great way to view the adult donor’s physical characteristics, while keeping their identity private. Read more about our silhouettes here.

Donor Audio Interviews:

Audio interviews are available on most of our donors. Interviews provide insightful information into the donor’s childhood, aspirations, accomplishments, values, family life, and personal interests in his own words. The audio interviews range in length from 7-25 minutes, averaging about 12 minutes in length and the shorter 10-20 second audio clips are downloaded for free. Listen to a free audio clip of the donor by going to the Donor Search and selecting a single donor. Audio downloads are on the right side of the page.

Donor Summary Profiles:

Summary profiles are two page summaries of the significant medical and genetic histories of the donor and his family. Of course, any prospective donor who had a medical or family history that would put his offspring at risk for significant issues would be rejected during the screening process. Any medical or personal updates we receive from the donor are placed on the summary profile. Summary profiles can be viewed free of charge. Click here to view an example summary profile.

Donor Medical History Profiles:

Medical profiles provide detailed background medical, family history information on the donor, his siblings, parents, aunts, uncles, and grandparents. They also include genetic disease testing the donor had done during the screening process. Medical profiles are approximately 9-12 pages in length and give extensive medical history information including a list of medical conditions in relatives. See a sample of a medical profile here.

Donor Personal Profiles:

Personal profiles comprise 15 or more pages of detailed personal information about the donor, his siblings, parents, and grandparents. Some of the donor’s personal information includes his interests and goals, academic scores, military record, specific facial features, and other details about family members. See a sample personal profile here.

Personality Testing:

Most of our donors have taken a personality test that identifies their specific type. To read more about the testing and what results mean, please visit our webpage The 16 Personality Types.

Donor Essays:

Essays are available on a most of our donors. These essays are a series of questions and answers that we hope will tell you a little more about our donors on a personal level. Like each one of you, every donor is different. Some are men of few words, and some we can’t stop from talking. Click here to view an example essay.

Donor Staff Impressions:

Staff impressions are available on a most of our donors. These reports were developed due to numerous requests from patients. Many patients simply wanted to know “what do you think of this donor?” Staff members who work directly with the donors on a daily basis write our staff impressions. Most are written, however a few have staff audio clips talking about the donor as well. Click here to view an example staff impression.

Donor Profiles Sets:

Donor profile sets are available on a majority of our donors. Profile sets can be ordered as complete or partial sets. The complete profile set includes the medical and personal profiles, audio interview, silhouette and childhood photo. The partial profile setincludes the medical and personal profiles and audio interview. Profile sets provide a significant discount compared to ordering each item individually.

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